Saturday, September 1, 2007

A few questions and thoughts about this Larry Craig scandal

I've been following this, and I have a mixed opinion about it. I'm really new in knowing about this communication system for men to signal that they want to have sex in a public place like a men's bathroom, so bear with me. I'm still perplexed as to what exactly Craig did that resulted in him getting arrested. To me, giving signals, knowingly or not, shouldn't be enough to warrant an arrest and sentence. But again, rumors have been circulating for years of Craig cruising for men, and he did plead guilty rather than fight the charge, so there might have been something to it.

However, I have a few questions and thoughts:

1) Why the outcry and ceaseless pressure from many in his own party for Larry Craig to step down and retire, when one of his colleagues, Sen. Vitter, didn't get the same treatment for a similar transgression? Although this wasn't a police matter, it came out that Vitter was having sex with prostitutes, according to the diary of some well-known madam in Washington. Vitter, like Craig, was also married. This didn't happen long ago, a few months, but while it was a scandal, it was nowhere on the scale of this, and not too many people on the GOP side of the aisle were pressuring Vitter to resign. It's probably because Vitter was a bit more, should we say, "traditional" in his methods of extramartial affairs. He didn't make the mistake of going on the wild side and cruise for men, unlike the unfortunate Larry Craig.

2) Also, this "sting" took place in a public bathroom, that happened to be in an airport in Minnesota. Now, in the wake of 9/11, the only business a police officer or any member of law enforcement has in a public bathroom located in an airport, is to do either #1 or #2. It's been almost six years, but as a result of the war on terror and the invasion of Iraq, and in a climate where we're hated by many, especially Muslims, our law enforcement must be vigilant and keep on the ball, and watch out for any who could do us harm. Catching gay men having sex in bathroom stalls should be pretty much at the bottom of their list of priorities. Who's in charge of the Minnesota Police Department, Ashcroft?

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