Saturday, September 1, 2007

The country moves on, but not New Orleans

Another really good post from The Bru Notes, containing a variety of articles on the two-year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, as well as some of the blogger's personal thoughts, which I share. It's monumentally staggering to compare and contrast our reactions as a nation to 9/11 and 8/29.

Also, there's a new television series coming up that takes place in New Orleans, and is also filmed on location. It's called "K-Ville." I saw the pilot episode yesterday, it's a pretty good buddy-cop action drama. Hopefully, amidst the gunfights and explosions, there'll also be room for some examination and social commentary of the post-Katrina recovery. I find it'll be a worthwhile program, only because it's being filmed in New Orleans, providing jobs and a much-needed boost to the economy there. Hopefully Fox will give it a real chance to succeed, rather than pull it too quickly, which is what they do with a lot of shows.

You can watch the pilot episode here.

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