Monday, September 17, 2007

Feds May Step In to Reduce Airline Delays

This is a very good post by Steve B. from the Conflicting Opinions blog, on a recent statement by the outgoing head of the FAA on possible government intervention if the airlines continue to delay flights. I completely agree with what he says. Our government has consistently bailed out the big airlines, to the point where they no longer have any incentive to operate competitively or competently. I love all these capitalist fundamentalists out there who preach and gloat about how great the "free market" is. Yet whenever an industry like the airline industry is in danger of going belly up, those same people suddenly cry for the government (the same government they lambast for regulation, mind you) to bail them out. Now we're seeing the fruits of that position.

I agree with Steve B. in that we should let the free market be the free market. If a company fails, let them fall. Another company will just rise to the occasion, and hopefully do a better job.

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