Friday, June 8, 2007

SCPD Should Be Ashamed of Themselves

I read this in Newsday:

Payoff could be big for thousands lining up to join LI police


More than 29,000 people, some from as far away as California, will take exams tomorrow in the hope of becoming Suffolk County police officers.

Well after the April 11 application deadline, the department continued to get requests to take the test, said Lt. Robert Donohue, commander of the community outreach bureau.

"We're bucking the national trend of police departments having trouble recruiting candidates," he said Thursday. "We're fortunate we can pick the best of the litter."

In 2003, the last time the exam was given, 18,000 people took the test, which includes questions about decision-making, values and situational role-playing, Donohue said.

He attributed the increase to the department's effort to reach out to minorities in New York City and on Long Island.

The main reason a position on the Suffolk force is so coveted is the starting salary: $57,811. After five years, an officer earns about $97,000, not including overtime.

For officers in the New York City Police Department, which struggles to recruit candidates, starting salary is $25,100, rising to $59,588 after 51/2 years.

The Nassau County police exam is in mid-August, and also is popular because an officer's starting salary is $34,000, department spokesman Sgt. Anthony Repalone said. A Nassau officer's salary increases to $91,000 after eight years.

Applications to take the Nassau test must be postmarked by midnight Friday. Applications are available at any Nassau police facility and at the county's Civil Service Commission.

So far, about 9,000 people have signed up for Nassau's test, Repalone said. It is expected that about 14,000 will take it.

The Web site for the city police officers' union, the Patrolmen's Benevolent Association, features a link to sign up for Nassau's test, an indication that salary is affecting recruitment in the city.

It costs $100 to take the Suffolk exam, which is administered every four years at 50 locations throughout the county. Test-takers have 41/2 hours to complete it, but on average it takes about 21/2 hours, Donohue said.

Test-takers will be notified of their results in a few months. Donohue said only about 100 will go on to become Suffolk rookies in each of the next four years.


I'm not going to give my opinion on how much cops should be paid or what they should be doing. But the SCPD is making a hell of a profit just from this exam. You have 29 thousand candidates, who each paid one hundred dollars to take the exam. So Suffolk County is making roughly 3 million dollars. My friend was one of those people who registered for it, and after finding out the number of applicants, he'll probably just swallow the money and not take the exam. Between the chances of getting a good enough score to get one of those 100 jobs, affirmative action, and patronage (cops' sons getting a job), I can't say I blame him.

Suffolk should have set a limit on applicants, especially if they were only going to hire 100 officers. They still could have gotten a really good selection of recruits if they'd limited it to say, the first five thousand. But no, they were greedy and thinking with their pocketbooks, as usual, and most of these pour souls spending their Saturday in a testing hall won't stand a chance. SCPD should be ashamed of themselves.


Anonymous said...

Jeff your an idiot.

Jeff said...

I'd learn proper spelling and grammar before calling anyone an idiot.

Anonymous said...

SCPD the most corrupt, over paid under shot unprofessional Police Officers in the State of New York.

And I know the difference!

What said department needs is a "outside" watch dog agency to over see the Officers that are guilty of criminal acts.

The IAB of SCPD has buried themselves and now the FBI has the tapes. Enjoy the pain, for being as corrupt as those you were sworn to oversee!

Corruption is rife here on Long Island,,from the politicians to the LEO's and DA's Office,,more bad headlines to come for the County!