Sunday, June 3, 2007

The Mexican Revolt

I got this off Craig's List, in the Rants 'N Raves board of the Long Island section. It's from a user, but I thought this was very insightful and I can see this happening. In fact, I'd be surprised if it doesn't.

The millions of illiterate, illegal Mexicans are not in the same position as our great grandfathers and grandfathers. Back then, America had more than enough manufacturing and raw materials gathering opportunities that the first waves of immigrants off the boat could graduate to. There was also the untamed Midwest, West and South for people to migrate to. Very few of these "anchor babies" are going to make it out of college, let alone high school. And where exactly does a college degree get you these days? How about in the future? America already has way too many "Business" and "English" graduates. We desperately need our own engineers and scientists.

Along with the many illiterate immigrants who trickled into America over the 19th and 20th centuries, there were many people who had skills and educations. There were artists, craftsmen, engineers, people experienced in manufacturing, textiles, agriculture, masonry, carpentry, iron work, military. All the crafts and culture of the Old World came off those ships and thru Ellis Island. Nowadays, only the poorest and least educated come to America - and in horrifying numbers. There will be no "assimilation" of these people and their children. They will live in the new American barrios, and many are going to remain there. That's what will lead to trouble - their kids are not going to want to be slaves, but what else is there going to be for them? How are they going to grow up watching MTV and American Idol, and all those fabulous shows about celebrities and rich people, and then be told, that they too will live out there lives packed 15 or 25 to a single house? Hell, even most regular American kids are getting stupider by the day. There's gonna be jobs for 200 plus million people at places like Walmart? The next generation is going to be happy working at Circuit City? Or Starbucks. Or McDonalds? And I thought that the thing that made these Mexicans so attractive, was how absolutely dirt cheap they were? What are we gonna do? Start shipping Sudanese refugees in to do the dishes and mow the lawns?

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