Friday, June 8, 2007

I Just Bought a DS

I've finally stepped into the current generation of gaming and decided to buy a Nintendo DS Lite today. I thought I'd have to be dragged to it after awhile, for the most part, I'm happy with what I had. But for a portable experience, I did need something more. I have a Game Boy Advance SP1, which is fine but frustrating since it requires a bright place to play it in. So if I'm craving a late night game of say, Pac-Man, and don't feel like turning on a console or my computer, I was SOL with the Game Boy. But now, since the DS is bright, I can play that game now.

Also, I bought a web browser and it'll be really cool to use that sitting on my couch, or even outside. I'm hoping I can use it at my job, but that's a really slim chance as there's only one network and we're locked out of it. But, mobile blogging is going to be really cool. I also got Nintendogs, it was the only game at Target I found interesting. I'm planning to get Final Fantasy III tomorrow.

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