Sunday, June 24, 2007


I haven't been updating this blog a lot, I've been busy. I finally got to see "An Inconvenient Truth" earlier today, and yes, it is a very important film. Please see it, I'm glad I was finally able to. I finally began to play Final Fantasy III for the DS this weekend, it's pretty good so far, it's nice to play one with graphical bells and whistles after the plain vanilla that was I and II. Not that there's anything wrong with that, it's just a nice change. I hope it stays away from the horrible system that brought down II. I initially really got into II because of its superb story (compared to I's), but the level system was really a rude awakening. It took me so long to start FF III because of Nintendogs, I'm a slave to that game. I have to check if Jack (my virtual dog) needs food and water, I feel like I have another actual pet. My co-worker upon seeing it told me that I bought the "least heterosexual game available" and that I talking to the DS worries her. She's probably right, but it brings a smile to my face, which is enough for me.

After years of inactivity, I'm going to start computer gaming again. I'm paying for Gametap every month, and I have a ton of PC games collecting dust on my shelf, so I might as well get in it again. Also, I've been playing a lot of platformers on the consoles recently, and it just gets repetitive. I'm at the age where I can appreciate a more cerebral experience with my games, which the PC provides. I just hope whatever games I play run seamlessly, as that's what got me out of PC gaming in the first place.

Since I've had this job, which starts at 12, I've spent my mornings with a cup of tea (or coffee) sitting in front of the computer and surfing the net aimlessly. I'm usually on the Gamefaqs message boards. But if I'm serious about the job search, I have to sacrifice that and do whatever surfing I can at nights. So I'm going to devote my mornings, starting tomorrow, to looking for jobs, and crafting individual cover letters and resumes for each job I apply to. It'll be time-consuming and I'll have to apply to less jobs, but I think it'll pay off. A customer also told me about the OneStop Employment Center in Patchogue. There's free use of the fax machines, computers, phones, and copiers. They even have career counseling. This guy just hyped it to the moon, it sounds really awesome, so I'm going to go on Tuesday. Wish me luck!

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