Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Cont. of last Post

I have to master Blogger one of these days. A few things annoy me about it, such as if the last leg of an article I post to is in italics, than it's stuck there, I can't revert back to the default writing style. Anyway, I wanted to give a few thoughts on the article I just posted.

I agreed with Hitchens, as per usual. Of course, I haven't really followed this story, although in this age, you're forced to be familar with it to a certain extent, no matter if you wish to or not, as Hitchens alludes to in his piece. In any case, I can't really give too much blame to Paris Hilton, but rather, the media apparatus. They put Paris's name in the headlines in the very first place. I'll never forget one of Bill Maher's "New Rules" on his HBO talk show: "You can't be famous for doing nothing" beside a picture of Ms. Hilton.

Although there's little to show that she hasn't earned her 45-day stay in jail, I can't muster the poisonous glee many others have in making light of her ordeal. No matter how spoiled and pampered Ms. Hilton is, seeing her cry for her mother doesn't make me feel any better. The outcry over this has little to do with the fact that she drove drunk, but that she's Paris Hilton. Let's face it, she is a media creation. She didn't force people to make her into a household name and have her name dropped on Extra and Page 6 of the New York Post. The media made that decision for themselves. And they only show their cowardly ways by going after someone easy (choose to read into that which you will) like Ms. Hilton rather than the hundreds of much more powerful people who have gotten away with far, far, far, worser crimes.

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