Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Father of Sony PlayStation steps down

Ken Kutaragi, the man who revolutionized gaming with the Playstation line of consoles, is stepping down. He'd already been relieved of day-to-day operations as president, but now he's retiring fully. I'm far from an expert on the behind-the-scenes business scene of gaming, but Kutaragi has been known for going out on a limb, making arrogant, outlandish statements. With the success of the PS1 and PS2, I guess that's only human. And it looks like it caught up to him. I think it's far too soon to write off the PS3 as a failure; 360's killer app (Halo 3) is still a ways off, and Nintendo's Wii, while coming on strong out of the gate, IMO, is due for a fall. To me, it looks like a one-trick pony and targeting the casual gamer will be a mistake. I still predict a victory for the 360, albeit a narrow one. Wii and PS3 will compete for 2nd.

I finally did cave and bought a DS a few weeks ago, to make my entry into next-gen gaming land. But that's probably going to be my only current system for awhile.

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