Saturday, June 9, 2007

The DS

I've gotten to use my Nintendo DS Lite, and so far my feelings are mixed. The one game I've played, Nintendogs, I'm definitely having fun with. I got a Chocolate Lab named Jack from the pound and I'm feeding it and giving it water. I took him out for his first walk tonight. and have taught him to sit down, although he doesn't listen sometimes. I know this all sounds gay, but it's really fun.

When I first used the DS, I actually used my fingers to touch the touch screen, but didn't realize there was a stylus pen I was supposed to use. Now I have fingerprints on the screen and have to wipe them off.

The other software I bought with it, the Web Browser, I am disappointed with. I tried connecting to my boss's network at work, predictably without success. Then at home, I was able to connect to mine very easily, to my surprise. I just had to get into my router settings to get my WEP key, which wasn't that hard. I was then able to get online, but I wasn't able to stay on for more than a few minutes before it dissed (disconnected) me. I was always able to easily re-establish the connection, but then I'd get dissed again. And so on. I'm at a standstill. I tried one fix suggested by Nintendo on their wi-fi site, but this only served to make my brother's laptop not able to connect to the Internet, so I had to reverse that.

The browser itself, is okay. It definitely doesn't compare to a PC, but it gets the job done. I'm not sure if you're able to copy and paste text, and you can't use a messenger like Yahoo. Go to though, I wasn't able to get Yahoo working through there, but I did get to open AIM. It also doesn't support Flash or playing music or videos. So in a lot of ways, it's like transporting back to 1996 or something. I'm hoping to be able to do some chatting and light browsing on the couch or in bed occasionally, I'm hoping it could serve that purpose.

Finally, to make it known on here since I haven't yet, Gamestop sucks! The latest example of their ineptitude came up today when I went there before work to try to snag a copy of Final Fantasy III. I didn't call first, since I thought they'd have it, it's fairly new. But no, it wasn't on their shelf. Than I asked the clerk if they had a copy. He said they had one, used. I said fine. He then spent 5 minutes helping some kid who needed his mother's signature to buy a game or something. Then he came back to help me but couldn't find the case. I must have spent 15 minutes in there, and all he had was a used copy with no case or instructions. I said "no thanks."
I had to go on Amazon at work and get a used copy, complete with case and instructions, for 25 bucks with shipping. The only downside is that I have to wait a few days to a week, but I got the game complete, most likely for far cheaper than I would have gotten at GameSuck with just the game.

Anyway that's my DS experience so far. Could be better, but I think it'll get there with the more games I play. But I got Ape Escape yesterday and it's every bit as awesome as I remembered it!

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