Saturday, July 21, 2007

What I'm Doing

I like being able to have some time to myself, rather than working every day, but I still miss working, and I miss the money too. I've been applying to at least one or two jobs pretty much every day, and hopefully it'll bear fruit soon. I had an interview on Thursday with a maintenance subcontractor that I felt went very well. I have to call back on Monday to see if a decision's been made.

I've been in and out of what I'd call a depressed mood. As burned out as I was with my job, and the issues I've had with it, I wasn't ready to leave yet. There were quite a few people whose hands I would have liked to have shaken and to have said goodbye to, but I wasn't able to do that. In discussions with my boss, he made it sound like I contributed nothing to the business, while I worked there six days a week for most of the three years I was there and always came in early whenever I was needed. A co-worker who I mostly got along with fine, (we had a few scrapes but got past them), and was really nice and thoughtful a lot of the time, was apparently feeding information back to my boss, some of it false, about what I was doing at work. So I feel some betrayal. Working at a small, family-owned business does have its perks. But when you're an outsider, and you have problems with someone you work with, it's really a no-win situation. It doesn't matter how often you go out of your way, how many favors you do.

It being a Saturday, I used it as an excuse to relax a little. I finally got some game-playing time in; if anything, I've spent less time gaming this week than when I was working. I made some serious headway in Ape Escape (I love that game), as well as Final Fantasy 3. I'm also planning to do some volunteer work in the near-future. I tried looking for opportunities nearby, but all there really are, are a lot of fundraisers for various forms of cancer and stuff like that. Which is great, but it doesn't really seem like my bag. I want something more direct. So I went on Craig's List and looked up their NYC section. There's a group that has a hotline for people who are depressed, suicidal, or just having a bad day. They're looking for crisis counselors and that seems like it's right up my alley. I was depressed a lot when I was younger, and always kept it bottled in. In hindsight, that was a mistake, and I think I can be of help to others facing similar or other problems.

Anyway, thanks for reading. In the meantime, onward!

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