Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Barack Obama makes a bold political stance

I haven't been following the campaigns too closely, but on Monday night, Barack Obama made an interesting, but controversial statement that he'd meet unconditionally with leaders of so-called rogue states like Cuba if he were elected president. I don't think anything will get me to the voting booth next year, but I think that's a fresh approach to foreign policy, in contrast to the stale, isolationist policies of not only Bush, but probably dating back to Carter and Reagan. I won't get into a long spiel, but just look at Cuba. For over 40 years, there's been an economic and political blockade of the country, and for what? Castro's been in power all this time, if anything, our policy has only entrenched him, and Cuba's in relative poverty. The only reason this policy has endured for so long is because of the right-wing anti-Castro bloc in Miami, who has wielded their political power in election time. We need a major candidate who'll stand up to these fruitcakes and talk truth, even if it means risking a few votes. I hope Obama can stay the course on this one.

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