Monday, July 23, 2007

Paul Krugman column on our Internet inferiority

Paul Krugman, an economist who writes a column for the New York Times (and a national treasure), wrote this really good one about the superiority of Internet service in other nations such as France and Japan, while ours is falling behind due to a lack of regulation. Since Bush's (s)election, the big telecommunications companies have been able to run amok and set whatever prices they wish, without providing service. So, in my community for example, there are a lot of commercials for Cablevision IO (which has TV, phone, and Internet) in one package, and Verizon, which has a similar setup. Not much competition for high-speed Internet, is it? Compare that to a country like France, where regulation has been PROMOTING competition, which means more choices, better service, and faster load times than we can get here.

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