Friday, February 15, 2008

Wordperfect Sucks

Regardless of what you've seen here in the past, I don't like to hate on anything. I'm pretty much a friendly guy who likes to think the best of things. If something doesn't work, it might well be my fault. But when I bought my last computer 4 years ago, I made in hindsight what was a big error. I had a choice between Microsoft Word and Corel Wordperfect. Since Wordperfect was cheaper (and probably not by much), and I figured a word processor was a word processor, I chose Wordperfect. Boy, do I regret that. I am out of printer paper at home, and am running out of ink. I'm too busy and too cheap to get some. So I usually save my documents on IDrive and print what I need at the campus. But I usually convert my WP files to Microsoft Word, and I forgot to last night. So I came to college today and now I can't print the documents that I need.

Not only that, I'm looking for a job, and sending out resumes. MS Word has so many templates for resumes and everything else, it'll blow your mind. But Wordperfect? Maybe one or two, and they're not very good. My resumes look so much better with Word, my only regret is that I have to go elsewhere to use it.


Anonymous said...

i fucking hate word perfect dude. like words cant describe how much i hate this piece of shit program.

Fractions said...

omg, you do not know how shitty wordperfect is, till you're up at like 3am writing an essay, and it fucking crashes on you without saving anything.

Gosh dammnit, and when you try to make text boxes, it takes like fcking 5 hours to load what's in the text box, and even though you didn't edit or move anything, the fact that you just click it, everything on the page has to shift like fucking 10 cm.
OH and lets not forget the ease of putting on pictures. GOD DAMMNIT, i try to paste one picture on my document, and it's like a fucking visual riddle. I have to minimize this text box by just a bit, and enlarge this, then i can slowly fit in this thing, and then i need to change the size of this and that and all this stupid ass unneccicary shit. GOD why WOULD ANYONE IN THE WORLD, MAKE SUCH A SHIITY PROGRAM.

oh my god, i know i sound so whiney, BUT I AM SO PISSED RIGHT NOW.

msword suddenly stopped working on my computer, and now, right as may madness is starting, and teachers are collecting shit loads of ISUs and essays, NOW, of all times, i'm being forced to use wordSHITperfect.


james67578 said...

Word Perfect can rot in hell for eternity along with the fucking dumb ass creators. What happened was I wrote a eassy then I was going to save then, it froze out of nowhere. Of course im swearing left and right, just about broke my fucking keybord. Word perfects new name is wordevil!

Dr. Jason said...

You know what's really funny? "Perfect" it ain't.

This POS program came standard on a dell lap top I bought a few years ago. "Great" I thought "I don't have to buy MSWord.

Ugh. Two weeks later I was online buying Word. Sucky, suck, suck, suck.

Great post about a shitty product.

Anonymous said...

AGREED! WordPerfect is useless. It crashes, it's cumbersome, it's not even aesthetically pleasing like competitors (i.e. Word).