Monday, February 18, 2008

Now, Top Clinton Aide Wants Delegates to Count

In a funny story that perfectly illustrates the hypocrisy of electoral politics, a top Clinton aide now says that Florida's and Michigan's votes to seat delegates should now count, after voting for rules that stripped both states of their delegates. Of course, this is in response to Hillary falling behind Obama in the race for delegates. I agree that both state's delegates should be able to vote at the convention, the Dems' logic never made sense to me on that one, but the timing is so convenient now.

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kdliz said...

Hillary is starting to really look desperate, these days. I'm not very happy that she thinks superdelegates should make the decision based upon their own whims, rather than the vote of the people. Doesn't sound like very "democratic" thinking to me. She's just not holding up very well under the pressure.