Friday, February 29, 2008

The Torture Playlist

Apparently, there is a list out of songs that U.S. military prisons are using as a form of torture against terrorism suspects. It's a pretty diverse list, a lot of death metal in the early going, but then you hear Neil Diamond and Sesame Street later. A lot of people may really like these songs, but consider that the speakers are probably amped up to full volume. Shock waves probably go through the bodies of the detainees as these songs are playing. What's really ironic is that songs by Rage Against the Machine (who'll freak out over this) and Bruce are on the playlist. Apparently Reagan's '84 campaign staff weren't the only morons who felt that Born in the USA was a patriotic song.

And I know I'm wrong, but the fact that the Meow Mix commercial (with the cat going "meow, meow, meow" over and over again) is on the playlist is hillarious. I've always liked those commercials, but my position would probably change if I was being subjected to a continous 5 minute loop of it.

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