Friday, February 22, 2008

Hillary's campaign

I haven't been following the primaries as much as most people, but man, did Hillary's campaign tank or what? She's waited so long to be president (at least since 2000, when she got her Senate seat). Then this newcomer no one heard of came along and totally stole her thunder. I read a few articles about the (mis)management of her campaign, and you'd think the same people who drew up the plans for the initial invasion of Iraq were in charge of her campaign. They thought it was a cakewalk and that it'd all have been over a long time ago. Well, our soldiers are still in Iraq, and this campaign is still going on, and Hillary is going to lose.

Also, did anyone see her meltdown on Saturday? Man, that was this year's Dean moment. I think Hillary's out of money, and needs to do things like this in order to get free advertising from the media.

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