Friday, February 15, 2008

TV's back

I've been behind the curve on this, which shouldn't be acceptable because I find it important. The WGA has reached an agreement with the producers, meaning that TV as I know it is back. We'll see at least a few more new episodes this year from a lot of our favorite shows. I'm waiting for new episodes of Supernatural and 30 Rock myself.

But not all is roses. There are strong rumors that Fox will be holding back the 7th season of 24 until next January!! Why, oh, why? Fox says that they'll only air 24 nonstop, meaning no delays or reruns. I don't understand that the first 3 seasons (to me, the better seasons) had the schedule of any other TV show, and all of a sudden, it's become mandatory for 24 to have a nonstop barrage of 24 episodes. I could see why that schedule makes sense, but this is a unique situation. It really isn't fair to make the fans wait a whole other year on top of the 9 we've already had to wait. Come on, Fox.

What I'd do, if I was in charge, is air the 8 episodes already in the can in April and May, and then wait until midseason to air the other 16. That way, you placate the fans while not messing too much with this kind of format.

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