Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A (Possible) change of course for the blog

Up to this day, I've been blogging mostly about political and social issues. I visit a few websites and blogs daily, mainly centering around politics, and mostly use those stories as inspiration for my own posts. But lately, I've become very fascinated with economics, particularly our pending recession and the burst of the housing bubble. I still hold global issues and domestic politics close to my heart, but I'm not as concerned with those these days, although they are important.

So, I think I'm going to change my daily habits of which websites I visit. And, the stories and entries I post will probably be much bleaker and harder to read. But we need to be as informed as possible.

Before I leave, I want to give a hearty recommendation to a website called Long Island Bubble. The founder and webmaster discovered my blog a month ago and graciously invited me to join his message board. The website is updated regularly, and the message board is also very informative, with lots of good, informed people. So please visit.

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