Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Hunting of a Governor

If Bill Clinton had remained governor of Arkansas rather than run for President, I have no doubt that he'd have served time in the Big House, like the former governor of Alabama, Don Siegelman, is currently doing. That's how morally bankrupt and out for blood these partisan nutjobs on the right are. Siegelman was basically sent to prison for giving a big campaign contributor a spot on a hospital oversight board. Something that's done in Washington, state capitals and town halls every single day. But that isn't his crime. His crime was being a Democrat who could beat Republicans in their own backyard. That was too much for Karl Rove and the other Bushies.

I liked how the article mentioned how the Bush administration gave major donors to his campaigns government positions as an incentive to raise money for him, and how it's considered campaign fundraising. It's only a crime when a Democrat does the same thing. But read the article, and watch the 60 Minutes report that's also on the website. There are a lot more layers, and my summary only scratches the surface.

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