Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Clerics Campaign Against TV Soaps

This is a reason why a part of me is glad that Bush/Cheney invaded Afghanistan after 9/11. As those who know me will attest to, I am no fan of U.S. military intervention or imperialism in the affairs of other nations. Also, the overt Christianity of Bush and others sends quite a chill up the spine when the invasions of Muslim nations are in question.

However, that doesn't mean that I side with the fanatic Muslims on the other side of the world either. They are oppressive beyond belief, and given the choice between living under the Bush residency or living under the Taliban and Armadi-Douchebag (as Denny Crane so referred to the President of Iran), I'd take the former in a New York minute.

Television soaps have become all the rage in Afghanistan, and now those cranky enemies of fun the Mullahs are aiming to have the government take them away from the people. The Afghan people, God bless them, after living under the repressive yokes of the Taliban, who even banned dancing and chess, have taken to television in a big way. Other than soaps, even Western fare like Lost and 24 have made the jump to Kabul. I wonder how well "24" goes over in a country that's primarily Islamic. And they even censor blur bare legs and arms in "Lost." So the Mullahs regrettably are still yielding some influence.

It's pretty funny; when I say that the Afghan people have taken to television, I really mean it. Since electricity is erratic in Afghanistan, as it is in Iraq (both are occupied by the U.S., that's irony for you), people spend lots of money on fuel to power their generators, so they could watch the soaps. It's so funny how we take electricity for granted here. Imagine how rarely I'd be blogging if I only had electricity 2 or 3 days out of the week. Maybe I've just watched too much TV, because if I had to spend a lot of my money on fuel to watch my shows, I'd just as soon read more books.

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