Saturday, December 22, 2007

Iraqi Extremists' War on Alcohol

This article from the NY Times shows why I hate fundamentalists of any stripe, be they Christian, Muslim, or whatever. A bombing in Baghdad on Thursday targeted a street with several liquor stores. No one knows whether the bombing was conducted by Sunnis or Shiites, extremists both, who oppose alcohol consumption. I have to say that I take this a bit personally, as I've worked in a couple of liquor stores over the past few years. Who knows how many of my comrades, whose job it was to stock shelves and mop up broken wine bottles, were killed as a result?

At least the people in this neighborhood kept partying and going on with their lives in the aftermath, denying the terrorists an important victory. Just a thought: I think the Iraqis are seriously lagging behind us musically, as the article says that people were listening to a sound system blare out the Foreigner song "I Want to Know What Love Is." Damn, I was in diapers when that song was a hit.

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