Sunday, December 23, 2007

Congress is Losing More Ground than the "President"

This is an excellent blog from KdLiz's Contemplation of Preponderance blog. Can you believe that Congress has a lower approval rating than Bush? I certainly can. An interesting point that Liz brings up, and which I totally agree with, is that as much as we may loathe the man, at least we can say that he's consistent. He promised us war and fiscal mismanagement, and he actually delivered. There's something to be said for that. Contrast that with Congress ever since it went into the hands of the Democrats after the '06 elections. All they have done is promise, promise, and promise again. They keep giving ultimatums, like "no more blank checks". And they cave, every single time. As Liz says, why get elected, and then complain and just give the guy what he wants? You could have lost and done the exact same thing.

I have a voter registration form that I'd intended to send out months ago. I'd put down that I was going to change my party registration, from Democrat to independent. I balked at the time because I couldn't believe that you had to pay for a stamp to put on the form, since it's going to the Board of Elections. But I'm so disgusted at this point that I'll swallow it.

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