Saturday, March 29, 2008

Reality Kills

A reality TV company from England has been accused of spreading a flu epidemic through isolated Indian tribes in Peru. They were scouting through locations for some reality show, and happened across these tribes and spread this flu. As a result, four people have died so far and others have fallen ill.

Like most people, I have a mental totem pole in which I hold certain members of society, either at the high end or towards the low end. The people behind reality shows, and paparazzi, would fall on the low end, right above the tier reserved for pedophiles and murderers. They're morons who develop entertainment that's designed to appeal to the most braindead amongst us. And, as shown in this story, they don't respect anything, they believe in having unrestricted access, as the world is their own personal fiefdom, and now they've spread a flu and a few people have died.

A wish I have is that one day I'll wake up, there'll be no such thing as reality TV or paparazzi, and the people who are now in these fields will instead be in service positions, such as fast food or as janitors. And I'm not dismissing or mocking these fields. You can build character and humility by flipping burgers or mopping floors, and reality producers and cameramen are devoid of those qualities.

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