Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The Democratic Primaries

Just wanted to make a quick post before going back to studying for an exam. I've been following these primaries and going to the big liberal blogs (DailyKOs, TPM Muckraker) and even now, there are calls for Hillary to drop from the race. She does seem to face an uphill battle based on how the delegate system works in the Democratic Party. But I love this competition, and think that it's largely a good thing. In my recent lifetime, from what I remember of the primaries, they were pretty much over by now. The nominee was already decided on. There was little drama and emotion. But now, the candidates are campaigning vigerously in every last state that hasn't had a primary or caucus yet, and meeting people. I wish every election could be like this.

I still think Obama will win it, but I really hope it goes all the way to Denver. It'll certainly be a historical event, maybe even rivaling the '68 Democratic Convention.

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