Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Iraq War Disappears as TV Story

The news coverage of the Iraq War has dropped to its lowest point since it started. So far, this year, according to a study, Iraq accounts for 3 percent of network news broadcasts, and only 1 percent for the cable news networks. This is not a mystery to me.

However, what got me about this article were some of the terms used. A CNN correspondent said "Everyone has grown tired of" this war. Another keyword, "fatigue factor" was used. I know this article is meant to convey the experience from a journalist's perspective. But I think this can apply to many Americans as well. Not long ago, Richard Belzer (the comedian who always wear shades, he's on that "Law and Order" show), was on Bill Maher's show. He said something very elequent, in that Americans have grown tired of Iraq and are "fatigued", and he said, "how dare you? How dare we grow tired and fatigued?" I concur with that, and also as far as the media goes. This may be 5 years old (it may as well be ancient history in the eyes of our ADD-diagnosed media, as well as a lot of Americans), but that doesn't change that people are still dying, and that we're on our way to amassing 3 trillion in debt just off this war.

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