Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Elliot Spitzer

It's been a few days, and I've yet to weigh in on this. For the one or two of you who do not know, our governor of New York, Spitzer, was busted in a prostitution ring. To make it more tragic, he was considered a rising political star (some were saying he could've been our first Jewish president), and has a wife and three daughters.

I think he should resign with the utmost speed. I'm not a big moralist; when a similar scandal got Bill Clinton in hot water, I defended him because it was so obviously politically motivated. I believe that this is too, to a certain extent. But Clinton survived because he was considered a rogue well before that, and he already had all these alleged scandals. So, when it happened to him, it was considered much ado about nothing by most Americans, and just a political hit job.

But this guy made his bones as "The Sheriff of Wall Street." He made a name of exposing corporate corruption. He also busted prostitution rings, if you want to be ironic. He was dubbed "Elliot Ness." What I'm trying to say is what makes this different is that this guy was squeaky clean. For him to be dabbling around with prostitutes makes him a hypocrite of the first order. That alone makes him a laughing stock, and vastly undermines him as a governor. Even if he were to stay in, he wouldn't be able to get anything done.

To close, I was upset with the media's coverage on this. It happened on a day when the price of oil reached a record high (only to be eclipsed yesterday, and likely today as well), and rather than our media having roundtables and devoting extensive coverage to the price of oil and the vast impact it has to be having on everyday Americans, it goes for the lowest common demoninator and gives the coverage to some sexually deviant politician. Our news media is one rung up from that "TMZ" garbage. I try to avoid it because I feel less intelligent after watching it.

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