Thursday, July 9, 2009

High Unemployment Leads to Fewer Road Deaths

This is from an Australian newspaper. According to a European study, high unemployment leads to higher rates of homicide, suicide, and health-related problems (which falls into the "well, duh" spectrum), but it also leads to lower rates of road-related deaths (such as car accidents, people getting ran over by vehicles, etc.), since there are less people using their cars. As I am the Unruly Pedestrian, I regularly walk to the bus stop (these days, to go to the gym and the library, usually) and have to walk on the side of roads that are heavy with vehicle traffic. During the course of my walks, I usually come across the rotting corpses of dead animals, and run a slight risk of getting run down myself, since our national system of suburban development is not people friendly. So, in the interests of self-preservation, and also being an animal lover, I support higher levels of unemployment if it means having a lower probability of staying alive on my way to the bus stop. And if I get to stay employed, of course, so much the better.

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