Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Could You Survive Without Money? Meet the Guy Who Does

This is a good, short article from Details about a modern-day caveman in Utah who has lived with no job (hence, no money) for nearly a decade. A few years ago, most people would think he was crazy, and there are doubtlessly many who still would. But in light of the economic collapse, his perspective sounds like a very interesting one.

Say what you will, but judging from this article, this man is a tough son of a bitch. A relative of mine, last I checked, was homeless, but held down a job, shopped at stores all the time, bought things, and he thought he was being counter-cultural. But he was nothing like this guy. It also serves as a reminder of what is to come, and our future reckoning in the form of energy shortages, our ballooning deficit, among other things, as our standard of living stands a very real chance of declining, perhaps substantially. Perhaps not to the rate of living in a cave or culling watercress, but decline it likely will. And to survive it and come out the other side, we might have to start listening to people like Daniel Suelo.

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