Thursday, July 16, 2009

The 2009 Emmys--No Nominations for The Shield

I'm usually not one to comment on these awards shows, but reading the nomination list for the 2009 Emmy Awards really got me steamed. FYI, I never watch awards shows, I find the nomination process very political and the festivities themselves are just a kiss-ass fest for Hollywood. But that still doesn't keep me from looking at the nominations. What really got me ticked was that my favorite show of all time, The Shield, was virtually shut out of the nominations, in its final season, no less. I believe that The Shield will be the only series in my lifetime that did not limp to the finish line in its final season. It really delivered, and went out with, what to me, was a very satisfying conclusion. Not to mention solid performances from the cast, especially Michael Chikilis, Walton Goggins (should have been a definite Best Supporting Actor nom for him), and C.C.H. Pounder. But that didn't matter. The Shield received zilch, nada, from the Academy.

Another aspect that made my eyes pop was 30 Rock getting a record 22 nominations. Now, I like 30 Rock, but 22 nominations? And in its weakest season, no less. It was too reliant on stunt casting (I found the ones with the big stars, like Oprah and Jen Aniston, were the weakest episodes) and didn't seem to spend enough time with the staff of TJS (where the show really shines, IMO).

Also, Simon Baker being nominated for Best Actor for "The Mentalist". Again, another show I like. And he does a fine job. But Best Actor? Ridculous, especially when you had Chikilis, who really acted his ass off and truly deserved it.

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