Sunday, June 29, 2008

Yeah, I've Been Away

...and not in the literal sense, as in I went on a vacation or something. I've just been busy. I scored an overnight job, and I have an interview in the morning for a position that looks promising. I'm taking a summer class, in which I recently had problems. You see, I registered for the wrong class, while handing in assignments for the class I'd intended to register in (it's an online class, hence the confusion). But it got fixed up. I am still learning Spanish, and it's going very well. I'm using a computer program, and I'm committed to taking 2 lessons a day. I know that there's a big difference between knowing Spanish, and being fluent in it, as in being able to hold conversations and look on it and the words without even thinking, as one would do with their native language. But I'm working on it. I bought a microphone today for my PC, to speak Spanish words into it and make sure that I'm pronouncing them correctly. I'm then going to transfer it to my MP3 player to memorize them.

I'm also catching up on TV. I just watched all 12 episodes of this show called "Burn Notice", it gets my seal of approval, it's awesome. The 2nd season's coming on in a few weeks on USA; until then, you should go to and check out the first season. It reminds me of the A-Team, but cooler.

I'm still reading about peak oil. It's amazing in that I consider myself fairly well-informed, I keep up with the news and current events, yet I was so ignorant of this until I read Kunstler's book (which I've talked about). I'm currently reading another very informative book called "The Party's Over". Whereas Kunster's book was more of a screed, this is more of a heavier read. I recommend both books, go to your nearest bookstore or library and read them, then after you're done, read them again, and then keep up on it via the Internet. But one word of advice: I wouldn't recommend these books for bedtime reading. After reading Kunstler's book, my outlook on life totally changed. It was that mind-blowing. And I decided that I was going to devote as much time as my life would permit to do more research and also read about survivalism. But the first night that I tried that, I felt like I had this huge hole in my stomach and I couldn't sleep. I knew that I couldn't devote that amount of time. As much as I know it's wrong, I have to keep living my life, going to school, getting a good job (and hoping it lasts), etc. It reminded me of that saying, I'm paraphrasing, "people don't like too much reality".

Well, anyway, I just wanted to catch up. I want to say that I'm going to try to blog more, like I have in the past, but I'm tired of making promises that I can't keep. For the foreseeable future, I'll probably be too busy to blog regularly. But I will certainly try when I can. Until then, to steal a line from "Demolition Man" (a guilty pleasure of mine, as most Stallone movies are), "be well".

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