Thursday, June 5, 2008

The accidental benefit of higher gasoline prices

This is another post from the Bru Notes, this one dealing with what can accurately be termed an "accidential benefit" of the higher gas prices: the lesser amount of driving that's happening, which in turn lowers the amounts of greenhouse gases that we're emitting into the atmosphere. I don't know how much of an effect this has, I wouldn't think it'd be much, but it's still encouraging. Although none of us may like the high gas prices and what harm it's doing to an already weak economy, if it is what spurs us into driving more fuel-efficient vehicles, I believe that it's really all good.

I would have liked to have seen Americans shift to hybrids due to their conscious concern for the environment, but that's always been a pipe dream. They have to feel the pinch on their pocketbook in order for them to change. But we should take that change any way we can get it. I really think it's a beautiful thing that more Americans are switching to hybrids. Yes, they're more expensive than a regular car or SUV, but when you consider the gas prices, it either works out the same or you'll save in the long run. So again, it's good all around. Except for the American car companies like GM and Ford. But that's what happens when you place short-term profit above all else, as our companies have a bad habit of doing.

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