Thursday, June 12, 2008

Waste Not

This article from the Houston Chronicle talks about a potential silver lining in this current era of higher gas prices due to the possible global production peak of oil. A growing amount of people are actually being conservative when it comes to their food. For far too long, we've been very wateful with our food, often carelessly throwing it out. But as the food prices are soaring, some of us are finally thinking.

This book by James Kuntsler has really had an impact on me. I went to Pathmark today, after that Quizno's, and you just have a totally different outlook going to these places. You know that it wouldn't be possible without oil. This suburban way of life of ours would have been a non-starter without oil. At Quizno's, I had a veggie sub, and for the first time, while eating it, I actually thought of where the bread, the lettuce, the olives, everything, all come from. How much oil was used just so I could have this for lunch? When you think about it, unless you're doing your shopping at a local farm, you're probably eating oil, literally.

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