Friday, November 23, 2007

Commercial for Buy Nothing Day

Here is a commercial of Buy Nothing Day from last year that sums up (in 30 seconds) what this is all about. The images of the effects that American consumerism has are very sobering. Even now, at 1 AM in the morning, there are hordes of people waiting outside department stores and shopping malls. I'm trying not to sound self-righteous about this, but I know I'm miserably failing at that. I just find gluttony of this nature really embarressing, especially when it's being viewed from the eyes of others in the world. Some time ago, I saw a documentary about Star Wars fandom. There's a scene that juxtaposes footage of people at a Toys R Us store at midnight when toys from Episode One went on sale, with footage of U.S. soldiers throwing food to kids in Serbia.

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