Sunday, November 4, 2007

Bush attacks Move On bloggers

See this video, in which Bush gets a sustained standing ovation after taking a shot at and Code Pink. But that's only one noteworthy part. He actually mentions Osama Bin Laden's name (remember him?) and has this to say about Congress:

"Congress needs to put the needs of those who put on the uniform ahead of their desire to spend more money."

This douche never ceases to amaze me. You'd think that after Iraq, that the absolute last person on Earth to take shots at anybody else over spending money would be W. Congress has nothing on Bush when it comes to spending (and wasting) countless amounts of OUR money. This is the guy, who every few months, comes hat in hand asking Congress for another 70 to 80 billion dollars to fund Iraq.

On top of that, the quote above makes no sense. What does Bush mean when he says that Congress has to consider the needs of those in uniform? He means that they have to spend money. So the desire to spend more money and to consider the needs of our military are really one and the same. So why does Bush want to send all our money over there, instead of having it put to use over here, where it's truly needed?

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