Monday, November 26, 2007

Candidates are hypocrites on the pot issue

Barack Obama is a center-right candidate like Hillary. While speaking about medical marijuana recently, he first said that he smoked pot as a teenager, then went on to say that while he doesn't support medical marijuana, he supports more research. This is typical doubletalk (or even tripletalk) from these lousy politicians. On top of the utter hypocrisy that every modern politician has expressed on the drug legalization issue, they even balk at supporting substances like marijuana for medicinal purposes. There doesn't need to be more research, a vast litany of it already exists that supports the use of medicinal marijuana.

"Research" is the new way for candidates to avoid giving a clear, definitive answer on an issue. Taking measures on climate change? No, we have to wait for more research to come in. Reforming a seriously wrongheaded drug policy? No, let's have some other bureaucratic agency write another report.

I never expected much out of this guy, Obama, but he's just another cheap suit. They all are.

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