Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Another Example of how the Mainstream Media Distorts the Truth

I was watching CNN this morning, and there was a segment on a scheme by some state governments (including New York's) to give illegal immigrants drivers' licenses. The anchor said there was a "big debate" over the issue. Shortly afterwards, she turned to a poll (I'm not sure if it was traditional or online) asking people if they supported it or not. 83 percent said that they did not, while a mere 17 percent said they did.

That wasn't surprising to me. It's obviously a very unpopular idea, and one that I'm against as well. But how can it be a "debate" if over four-fifths of people don't want it? A debate is when it's split at 50-50, or 60-40, or even 70-30. But when you have more than 80 percent opposing something, there's no debate, it's a clear, overwhelming majority saying "we don't want this."

Yet another example of the corporate media trying to shove their own agenda down our throats.

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