Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Interesting e-book about abortion

I tend to stray away from abortion-related topics, or debate, for that matter.  It's pretty much the ultimate no-win issue in political discussion, that is, it's pretty much impossible to turn someone to your way of thinking if you lean one way or the other.  If you're "pro-life", it's a bitch trying to convince someone of your belief system if they are "pro-choice", and vice versa. 

Well, good thing I'm not trying to change minds.  I came across an interesting e-book on the subject, and one that doesn't try to convince one, one way or the other.  Rather, it serves as a guide (and an introduction) to self-induced abortion methods.  This can be very helpful, either in a collapse scenario or in a scenario in which the ultra-religious right take political control.  Actually, these two scenarios do not have to be mutually exclusive, as extremist politics can easily be the order of the day in a collapse of the nation. 

In fact, for some, the e-book can already be useful.  According to this Atlantic Monthly book review (written in 1997), 80% of American counties do not have an abortion provider. 

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