Friday, March 23, 2012

Gun Company Stops Accepting Gun Orders

Ruger, the gun company, has announced that due to overwhelming demand, they have suspended Firearms Orders until the end of May.  I first thought that it was due to growing economic uncertainty (which I am sure, is a factor), but as the article points out in closing, it's probably more related to this year's election cycle.  I was speechless when I read the comments.  Many people seem to think that owning firearms will keep the federal government (Obama, in particular, for whatever odd reason) in check and the Second Amendment secure.  There will be a "coming crackdown", according to one poster. 

What a bunch of malarkey.  Out of all the amendments to the Constitution, I'd say that the Second Amendment is probably the safest (talk to the 1st and 4th Amendments, if you really want to see an erosion of rights and protections).  Both because of the overwhelming passion and vigilance of gun owners (which I do find admirable, in a sense) and also, because I don't believe that it bothers the government that much. 

Let me clarify that.  Throughout history, the ability of the populace to check the government has been fairly strong.  What the state had in discipline, force, and slightly more sophisticated weaponry, the people had in sheer numbers.  At this time and place, things are slightly different.  The U.S. has the largest military in the world, a very large domestic security apparatus (FBI, Homeland Security, NSA, CIA, etc.), and a nationwide police force.  On top of that, our government has the most powerful weaponry ever devised.  Tanks, fighter jets, assault rifles and submachine guns, "sonic busters" for breaking up protests.  One can go on and on, but you should get my point.  Which is, the gap between what the people are armed with, and what the government is armed with, is the biggest that it has been in history.  So, I think that's a reason why the government isn't too concerned with taking away people's guns.  They could just take everything else away.  Besides, even if the gun owners do wake up and decide to "take the country back", they can have fun with their peashooters and their hunting rifles against what would be the most powerful, militarized police state in history.

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