Thursday, March 15, 2012

Fukushima Residents Scared of Nuclear Radiation

This is a good article from the Guardian about the ramifications of a post-meltdown Fukushima.  It's similar to what I was blogging about last week ("No Nukes in Japan").  One of the people interviewed said that she was no longer eating locally and was buying imported meat and drinking bottled water.  Which led me to wondering: what if these options weren't available?  In a post-oil economy, they very well might be.  If you were a Japanese citizen and did not want to eat food grown in that region as a result of the lingering effects of Fukushima (the nuclear half-life of the substances released into the atmosphere can last for a really long time, on the order of tens of thousands of years or even longer than that), or if some other nuclear disaster developed in some other part of the world, what if it wasn't possible to import food and water that was relatively safe to drink?  These questions make me ponder whether nuclear energy is a positive thing or not. 

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