Thursday, March 8, 2012

Iced-Tea Flavored Coors

I don't really drink anymore.  Now and then, I will order a beer with my meal when I'm out, but it isn't very often.  And that beer is usually Coors Light.  I know, it's "American, mass-produced beer".  And I do like a Sam Adams or a Killian's Irish Red, but for some reason, Coors Light is usually the first thing that comes to mind when the waitress asks me what I would have to drink.  And don't think too low of me, but I like it.  I heard someone once say that "Coors Light is made for people who don't like to drink beer", and they might have something there. 

Anyway, during the summer months, I also like a Mike's Hard drink.  That could get you in trouble.  More than once, I would sit down with a six-pack of Mike's, chug it down (since it really does taste like lemonade, I don't taste that alcohol flavor at all), stand up and promptly wobble and stagger until I would have to sit back down.    Again, I don't drink that often, but when I do, Mike's is an awesome choice. 

It seems that Coor's agreed, and had an idea to mix the two drinks.  Hence, Coor's Light Iced Tea.  I don't know, I'm kind of recoiling here.  It could be good, but I'm skeptical.  Coor's and iced tea?   

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