Tuesday, September 29, 2009

What a Morning

Today, I am using my new netbook for the first time. It's pretty wild; I've been a desktop guy my entire life (I still have one, a new one I bought along with this thing), and this is my first real experience with a small computer. And it is very small, at the moment, I am holding it in my lap. I first went to Starbucks, and their system is horrendous. You need a Starbucks card to get on (which I do) and it didn't regognize mine, despite that I had just bought a latte. So, after some frustration, I gave up, and I am now in a little alley/park in Port Jefferson. I am at a bench, with this on my lap, since there don't appear to be any tables. I am also shivering since it is a little cold, and I'm in a position that I'm not familar with. But it's actually pretty groovy. It's very quiet, no sounds or visual stimuli of any kind, just me with my netbook in my lap. I just typed up my resume, and am hoping to apply for a few jobs, all with this in my lap, and sitting in an empty alley.

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