Friday, September 4, 2009

Republicans decrying "socialized medicine" go to govt. hospital for surgeries

Yet more of the "it's good for us, but not for you" hypocrisy from the right-wing on the health care issue. Many Republican politicians who insist that a government-run health care system is bad for Americans, themselves go to government-run hospitals in Bethesda and the Walter Reed Army Hospital for surgeries and checkups. They often receive top-of-the-line care in comfortable, private settings. This contrasts greatly with the majority of Americans, who have to persevere in waiting room limbo and hope that their treatments are approved by their HMOs, assuming that they have one.

Personally, as far as health care reform goes, I think it's a goner. It'll be like the "credit card reform" that was passed a few months ago. Yeah, you'll have little remnants of the original proposal, and minor fixes, but no significant changes, let alone an overhaul, to the system. Obama just let the Republicans and the fruitcakes set the aganda, and dictate the terms. This is further proof that if you were looking for "change" in the past election, you're going to be very disappointed by the time O runs for re-election. Here the Democrats are, Democratic president, full control of both houses of Congress, and they let the losers dictate to them that there won't be any reform. Many will say, as Bill Moyers did on Real Time last week, that it's a case of the Democrats needing to find their spines, but people have been saying that forever. I just think it's a matter of Democrats being controlled by Big Money, and as a result, they're not able to drift too far off the reservation, as much as they would like to. This means that they will always fight with one hand behind their back, and that they will always lose.

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