Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A Panel With Some of my Favorite Writers/Thinkers in One Place

I just found out about this panel and can't wait to listen to them.  It consists of James Howard Kunstler (the man who introduced me to peak oil and economic collapse, via his book "The Long Emergency"), Dimitri Orlov ("Reinventing Collapse", in which he compares and contrasts the collapse of his home country, the Soviet Union, with the pending collapse of that other superpower in which I happen to inhabit, the U.S.A., is one of my favorites), Richard Heinberg (who's written many books on energy issues and economics, including "The Party's Over"), Nicole Foss (who has a very popular blog, The Automatic Earth) and the elder statesman/rock star of the group, Noam Chomsky (I read many of his books when I was in college, and they were a revelation to me). 

Orlov wasn't happy with the discussion of the panel (he titled his blog posting in which he discusses it as "A Dismal Public Affair"; ouch!) and blames Chomsky's tendency to "ramble".  I'm still looking forward to listening to it, though.  

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