Wednesday, January 11, 2012

"Most Extreme Configuration of the Jet Stream Ever Recorded"

This winter has been pretty funky thus far; I'm in New York, and there's nary a snowflake in sight, and most days have been in the 50s.  It isn't the first mild winter I've had, and it's been happening more often than not.  A possible culprit is a major shift in the jet stream.  The Icelandic Low blows a strong flow of air over the eastern U.S., preventing arctic air from hitting the U.S. and Europe.  Records are kept of this, of course, and this is said to be the 2nd most extreme December in terms of this, other than 2006.  It's too soon to tell whether this is man-made or natural, although I'd guess it was the former.  Like Bill Maher, I prefer to think of it as "climate change" rather than "global warming", as every time we do get a snowstorm or unusually cold weather, the idiots come out of the woodwork and say "so much for that darned global warming." 

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