Saturday, April 16, 2011

Typically Uninformed Comment Made in Newsday

I just got up and was glancing through the Newsday newspaper we have delivered.  I get most of my news online, but this is good for local stuff, since it's a Long Island newspaper.  Anyway, I read an article on how the spike in gas and food prices is raising inflation.  The last paragraph, which a lot of people probably wouldn't read, was kind of a whopper, and really typical of most people's opinions on energy, as well as in their hypocritical nature (even if it's unconscious). 

It was a quote from a carpenter filling up his vehicle at a gas station.  Since this article had quotes from people at think tanks, I guess the reporter felt that it needed one from the man on the street as well.  The man said, in response to the rising prices, "the oil companies are gouging us."  The vehicle he was filling up?  A Ford-F150 pickup truck.  This is a prime reason of why we are where we are: a series of increasingly poor decisions on the part of our government (starting with the building of the interstate highway system, leading us to become a society utterly dependent on car travel) as well as individuals (like the gentleman quoted in the article, who buy these vehicles that quickly bleed gas and then rage at the oil companies). 

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