Friday, April 22, 2011

Striking Pictures From India

I stumbled upon this.  It's an article by a Chinese tourist on a trip that he took to India.  India (and many bordering countries, including China) are filled with people in abject poverty that I will never be able to relate to or understand.  None of us will.  However, you never think it's really that bad until you read an account such as this.  The place is literally full of shit.  Many villagers, even people in Indian suburbs, defecate in public areas, including beaches.  A lot of this sewage ends up flowing into the Ganges river, where a lot of people wash themselves.  Scroll below, you will see corpses floating in the river, and the living just going about things, not even noticing or caring.  And yet, the author of this piece (and I'm assuming, also the photographer) stated that he received the most spiritual enlightenment in this country.  There are also many expats who have visited often or even made their homes there. 

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