Friday, June 4, 2010

Oh, I wish I could live in Vienna...

...Or Zurich, or Geneva, or Munich, or Frankfort, or Bern, or any of the other cities that made up the top 25 cities to live in the world, according to Mercer

In what is indeed a sad commentary, no U.S. city is to be found in the top 25.  You have to go down to 31 (Honolulu).  I have never lived in a city, so I don't wish to come across as an authority on what constitutes living in a good city.  However, I would venture to say that easy access into and out of the city, and transit around the city that is as less dependent as possible on cars, would probably be a strong personal factor for me into living in any city.  The U.S. is particularly lacking in these categories, so it doesn't surprise me that not one placed in the top 25. 


Torres#9 said...

Vienna is truly a beautiful place to live. Stepping out everyday to witness beautiful architecture along with fresh scents from the local markets is an extraordinary feeling.
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Bruce Oksol said...

Any of the top 25 are wonderful to live in as long as you have money and no children.

I'll take any of the 100 villages, towns, or cities in the US that weren't on the list.

I spent one-half of my professional life overseas (Europe, Africa, Asia); loved every minute of it; but would never want to raise a family in any of the top 25 cities.

By the way, I love your blog.

Torres#9 said...

@ Bruce
agreed that the best cities to live in are also the most expensive!
& have u ever been to Vienna?..if does it compare to where you have been so far?

Jeff said...

I do not have children, and certainly do not plan to. The money, that's where my plan runs into a brick wall. LOL, maybe someday.

Bruce, your compliment means a lot, thank you very much.