Saturday, May 29, 2010

28 of the Worst Money Saving Ideas Ever

This is a pretty funny article from The Consumerist.  You ever get a brainstorm on a way to save money, and it ends up blowing up in your face?  Yeah, me too.  This is a small list of some of the best examples sent out by people.  My favorites:

22. "Dollar store trashbags when I was fresh out of college. I could put like, a paper cup in the bag before it tore."  (Although I always try to be frugal, I shun the dollar stores.  Rule of thumb: you almost always get what you pay for.)

20. "My elderly neighbor used to rinse out used paper towels then dry them. Over her gas stove."

18. "We have a 5-cent tax on disposable shopping bags here in DC. A few people, in protest of the tax, go to Maryland or Virginia to get their groceries. So instead of either paying $1 one for a reusable bag or 5 cents each for disposable bags, you pay for gas to go to Maryland or Virginia. Plus, Virginia has sales tax on food, which DC doesn't."  (Although deeply amusing, I can't say that I'm surprised.  Americans can be real Polacks at times.  This one reminds me of when we weren't able to get France to support our Iraq invasion, and to "retaliate", Americans did things like buy French wine and dump it into the nearest sewer or drain.)

10. "Generic Oreos. NEVER AGAIN."  (I made this mistake once too, buying store's-own Oreos.  Although most store's-own stuff is nearly identical to the real thing, Oreos are a notable exception.)


5. "Letting my auto insurance lapse was a bad, bad idea, which I learned when I got into an accident... and then my wife got into an accident, three days later, with the same car.  (Letting the auto insurance lapse...sounds like someone I know.)

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