Friday, May 28, 2010

2010 Hurricane Season May be Worst on Record

An article from Yahoo, in which the NOAA is claiming that 8 to 14 hurricanes will hit this summer.  Also according to the NOAA, sea surface temperature in the Atlantic is up 4 degrees above average (and in the age of climate change, who really knows what the "average" actually is?)  And as everyone knows, warmer surface temperatures means stronger hurricanes. 

What is new this time around, of course, is the Gulf oil disaster.  All we would need is for a category 5, Katrina-style hurricane to come blasting through BP's ground zero, and everything within distance of the Gulf Coast would be treated to a massive shower of shit.  You'll need disaster teams just to scrape the oil from the Home Depot parking lot.  

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tron said...

well another Katrina over the Gulf with the spill, well is the ecological armageddon